Portland Bird

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Note:  Size is actually a HUGE 9x12


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Our Mascot Red Bird

A Mailer That Works

What's the difference between PortlandBird.com and your old Direct Mail campaigns? That's Simple.
We spend hours digging deep into a Geo-Targeted area. We cross reference reliable data and only choose delivery routes that match your campaign. This has a DRAMATIC result on conversions.

Three Common Birds


Big Bird

This monster is 9x12 and can't be missed.  Because it has NO Envelope and No Magazine  your Brand and Offer are seen by anyone that comes in contact.


Baby Bird

A little smaller but more Powerful than a Peacock.  It still measures 12" long but is more like a sleek Rocket Ship.  Perfect for Hyper-Local penetration all around your business.


Custom Bird

When he hatched, he was left in the cold by his parents. What was a tragic story, turned positive as Custom Bird learned that  Solo Mailing for a Special Event is very effective.

4x9 rack card-back-PROMO-phone-FLAT


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